2015 Additional Activities

KS2 Satellite Photo Gallery

Have a go at creating a gallery of photos that have been take from above, thereby resembling satellite photos.

Create - a satellite photo gallery

  • Pictures of satellites/books/websites for research purposes
  • Digital cameras - people should bring their own
  • Access to a pc or laptop, or even a printer if possible
Children could work individually, in pairs or threes - more than this in one group and arguments happen or one gets excluded. Adult support would need to be quite intensive for parts - downloading or printing images and for groups to roam around the school or area.

Expected duration
Up to two hours with competition/judging time.

  • Show the children pictures, etc. or websites.
  • Talk through what they are and what they do (the sites suggested below should help - get them to find out themselves if you like).
  • Ask the children to take photographs of everyday objects but from above as if they were a satellite.
  • Download the images to a laptop or PC - taking care to label them with the child's name.
  • Have a competition to see if everyone (perhaps adults too) can guess what the object is. Prizes possible for ones that no one can guess.
  • Ensure that children searching for treasure/agents, are not unaccompanied
  • No single adult should be accompanying any children other than his or her own unless CRB cleared.
  • If prizes are food based then check for food allergies.

https://www.google.co.uk/intl/en_uk/earth Check out different view of the Earth and even your home as seen by the satellites

http://www.satsig.net/sslist.htm Find out just how many satellites there are in orbit at the moment and see what they are called.

http://www.sat.dundee.ac.uk/ See what information satellites commonly collect and how they do it. You can also look at more satellite images on this site and find out what orbits are the most common.

http://www.space.com/ Lots of different information about space

http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/ Links to fantastic activities and ideas for things to do about Space.

http://solar.physics.montana.edu/YPOP/Classroom/Lessons/Model/ Make your Own Yohkoh Satellite! - Comprehensive instructions about how to build your own accurate model of a real satellite.