2015 Additional Activities

KS1 Lunar and Solar Eclipse

2015 has seen both lunar and solar eclipses. Investigate these fascinating phenomena in learn about what's out there.

Start with asking children what they know about the solar and lunar eclipses. Ask them whether they saw or remember either of the eclipses this year. If you have photos of observing the solar eclipse in school, share these and see what the children remember of the event. A lesson about lunar and solar eclipses could see children investigating the science behind why these came about. Good sources of information include:



Extension work for the recent lunar eclipse could include drawing your own blood moon, writing simple explanations of why the moon goes red or looks bigger sometimes. For the solar eclipse, you could create a model to simulate an eclipse in the classroom, such as this one:

The investigation could be presented in a small booklet or presentation about solar and lunar eclipses.